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Low-Fidelity Prototype

Project Brief

To further explore my music app, I started on the low-fidelity prototype. I used three of the eleven flows to experiment using Invison. These flows were A) Log in D) Edit a playlist and K) Unique flow. Once I did this, I had two peers user-test my prototype and answer a few prepared questions I had for them, as well as receiving any other feedback.

User-Testing Questions

These were the questions I had for my peers:

     1. Did you feel any hesitation when navigating the app?

     2. Are there any aspects you feel are missing?

     3. Are there any aspects you feel are unnecessary or in the way?

     4. Is the layout friendly or did you experience trouble with reaching or pressing buttons?

     5. Is the typography and layout cohesive or random?


After viewing other prototypes and reviewing my own with my peers, I was able to gauge the successes and shortcomings of my initial prototype. This was the first time I was really paying attention to what others had accomplished and it inspired me to make my wireframe more detailed than it had been previously. I learned quickly that I was lacking elements and specifics in my app that were present in others. Some of the realizations I came to on my own were having specific song titles and artists in my wireframe and including a bar at the bottom to show what was currently playing.

Feedback from my group was light but helpful. There were a few little things that I appreciated, like lining up elements in my first flow so that there wasn’t as much movement between the pages. It created a smoother and more aesthetic experience, even though the elements weren’t the same. It was something that might not have occurred to me on my own. One of the changes I made was something I had been debating previously - whether or not to label some of my pages. I liked the close boxes of my “Your Music” page but also felt like it wasn’t clear which page it was since the layout is the same as the home page. The feedback I received pushed me towards the direction of labeling it and I now have a more clear and coherent system in my app. Another critique was to lighten up the weight of my typography. I went from a medium weight to a light weight in some areas to help decipher hierarchy. Finally, I added a bottom navigation bar to help users around my app more efficiently after we found that one had to click through the back button too many times to return all the way to the home page.

Final Product

Below are the final low-fidelity prototypes using the feedback I received. 

Login/Sign Up

Edit Playlist

Broadcast Playlist

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