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KOI Energy is a caffeinated gum product that needed a rebranding. The brand prides itself on its pure ingredients, efficacy, convenience, and sustainability. KOI was looking for a bold and modern aesthetic to apply to packaging, their website, and apparel.


krona one |encode sans semi condensed



Central to the KOI brand is the Chinese legend of the koi fish that persevered among challenges to reach to the top of the river. The overall aesthetic is to be bold yet simple.



A few icons were made to describe the product in an easy-to-understand manner. They represent the time efficacy, manufacturing science, active ingredients, convenience factor, and sustainability practices taken by the brand. An additional radial pattern was made for the packaging that shows the koi fish, the green tea leaf, and the peppermint flavor.



Design elements were used to make packaging for the main product, business cards, promotional apparel, and a responsive website for the product.

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