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We Are

the Women

Breast cancer awareness campaigns need to be revisited. They're out-dated in their approaches both in content and design. We Are the Women address these issues by placing a focus on the women themselves rather and advocates empowerment and community that serves survivors.


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Problems with current breast cancer awareness campaigns:

  • Focuses on symbols such as the pink ribbon rather than spreading useful information or calling for action

  • Companies have commercialized campaigns and breast cancer awareness to promote their own "pink" products

  • Just awareness should not be the goal

  • Tend to demean, sexualize, and trivialize breast cancer by placing focus on the breasts/body rather than the person, especially through phrases such as "save the boobies" or "save second-base" and ultimately distracts from the real matter and issue at hand

Major breast cancer awareness has turned into a performative trend rather than a health movement that profits companies, infantilizes the issue, and ultimately provides little reality or aide to the cause.


The design elements across the campaign were very simple. The two main components were black and white photos of young women and orange circles. The strawberry pink and orange served as the main colors with blue and orange supporting.


As a campaign, the project included the following collateral: posters (3), a billboard, event flyer, instagram story example, website, and a thank-you note for those who donate to the cause.

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